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Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — November 19, 2016

Ecclesiastical Training, November 19, 2016

1/ Training

  • Use Adjusting to Missionary Life on Thursday nights and also Sunday mornings.
  • Focus on basic doctrine, learn to take less time.
  • Sisters should participate more.
  • Have a “Safeguards” discussion group.
  • Key principles to model are: 1) the keys of the branch president   2) the wives’ roles in ministering 3) developing new coping skills  4) making a pledge to the Lord.

2/ President Burgess

  • Listening is vital!
  • This should be a time of gratitude.
  • Every time you come to the Missionary Training Center, offer a prayer that you will know who it is that needs your help.
  • Internalize the missionary purpose and be an example of the believers.
  • Read and follow the guidebooks.
  • Teach how to teach.

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