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Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — November 11, 2018

1/ President and Sister Rahlf

  • We will participate in the Light The World initiative again this year.  More information is available at  We need to give as He gave.
  • The weekly focus will be:  1) Week 1 – Light your world  2) Week 2 – Light your community  3) Week 3 – Light your family  4) Week 4 – Light your faith.
  • Saturday, December 1, will be a day of service.  December 23 will be a special Christmas Sacrament meeting
  • We will view a special video on Thanksgiving day that will introduce Light The World.
  • We should weave the Light The World initiative into our Sunday afternoon trainings in December
  • At the MTC:  1) Week 1 – think of those who serve here at the MTC as your ‘world’, such as cafeteria workers, maintenance workers, etc.  2) Week 2 – think of your residence hall floor and your branch as your ‘community’   3) Week 3 – think of your companion as your family.  4) Week 4 – Work on your own faith

2/ Sister Gilbert

  • The attributes of Christ – think about our influence on the missionaries.
  • The Savior took every opportunity to teach and to minister.  He taught with patience and charity.  Our MTC missionaries are His precious children.  The Savior was the teacher of all but He also served all.
  • Thank you for lifting, teaching, and leading our missionaries.

3/ President Gilbert 

  • Faith in Jesus is important to help us light the faith of our missionaries.  Faith is power.  Faith and doubt stop that power.
  • At a recent baptism in the Provo Korean Branch, a missionary who had left the MTC 10 days earlier taught the gospel clearly and beautifully for 15 minutes in Korean.  Our influence is felt and appreciated.

4/ Sister Martino

  • Become as He is; watching you live the Christ-like attributes makes me want to get out there and serve.

5/ President Martino

  • We know we have asked a lot of you, but know of our love.  Pray for the pure love of Christ.  Charity is a gift from God if we desire to follow Him.
  • As we receive this charity, we become His sons and daughters.  We have to ask the Father to help us become like Him.  We need to have hope in the Resurrection.
  • Moroni 10:32 — come unto Christ and be one.  Through the power of the Holy Ghost, we can have a change of heart.
  • Because of His atonement, we can become perfect or finished or complete.

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