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missioneccles100817 (October 2017 ** )

Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — October 8, 2017

  • In branch councils, try to talk more about general principles and less about individual missionaries.  Follow the “recipes” on the portal.
  • Book of Mormon – stress the foundational doctrine, especially the atonement.
  • 524 pages of the Book of Mormon were written by prophets WHO SAW THE LORD FACE TO FACE (Nephi, Jacob, Mormon, Moroni).
  • Ask – Seek – Knock  (pray, study, apply)
  • How do I know if I have been forgiven ? Mosiah 26:29-30, Mosiah 29:20, Moroni 6:8, Enos 5:8
  • How can I learn this difficult foreign language? 2 Nephi 2:2, Ether 12:27, Alma 8:15
  • What do I do with a disobedient companion? Alma 17:2-3, Mormon and Pahoran interchange in Alma 60 and 61, 3 Nephi 12, Nephi and how he dealt with Laman and Lemuel, Mosiah 2:22-24
  • Am I a hypocrite in trying to tell people how to live, knowing that I fall so short of being what I should be?  Alma 26 (Alma the Younger, the apostle Paul, etc)
  • I don’t want to be here at the MTC —   Mosiah 28:3-4, Alma 36, Mosiah 5:2, Alma 19:33
  • How does prayer fit in?  Alma 53:3-8, Alma 34:17-24
  • What if I am shy and backward?  Alma 38:12
  • I am overwhelmed!  1 Nephi 4:6, Jacob 1:17, 1 Nephi 18:2, Alma 26:27
  • President Martino:
    • We need to fill in the gaps – the missionaries are not using the scriptures as much as they should.
    • The scriptures are a second testimony.
    • We and also the missionaries must use the scriptures, principle by principle.
    • Notice the Show and Tell in 2 Nephi 32:3 and 5
    • Sister Hinckley, during a trip to the Holy Lands, said that the trip had forcefully helped her to realize that she didn’t think enough about the Savior!

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