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missioneccles091017 (Sept 2017 ** )

Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — September 10, 2017

  • Sister Weidman
    • We love you for your faith and devotion.
    • What can we do to become as He is?  She read President Monson’s recent talk about reading the Book of Mormon.  He said is it CRITICAL and ESSENTIAL, and he IMPLORED us to read the Book. Read it every day, study it, ponder it, apply it.
    • We should live in a state of continual compliance and obedience every day.
    • Make the Book of Mormon more a part of your life.
    • Overcome doubt and fear.
  • President Weidman
    • TO DO is a basic standard.
    • TO BECOME is the higher law.
    • TO DO is a change of behavior.
    • TO BECOME is a change of heart.
    • TO DO is an outward appearance.
    • TO BECOME is consecration.
    • Train the missionaries in branch council.
  • Sister Martino
    • She is gratified that “the missionaries are doing so much better”, implying that things weren’t so great under the previous administration (??!!)
    • Access godly power, Alma 17:2-3

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