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Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — September 9, 2018

Presentation by Brother Mark Jarman, of the Missionary Curriculum department:

  • I desire to share how your roles here at the MTC are woven into the training that occurs.
  • The new training curriculum was launched in August.
  • How do we need to change to adapt to the new program?
  • You should be hearing more about the doctrine and about the Book of Mormon from your missionaries.
  • The MTC purpose is to help missionaries understand and apply their purpose.
  • Preach My Gospel chapter 1 page 1:  the main verbs in the Missionary Purpose are invite and help, come and receive
  • 2 Nephi 31:21 —   The Doctrine of Christ is the way, there is no other way
  • The missionary purpose is to invite and help.
  • MTC training is designed to learn and teach doctrine, adjust to standards and missionary life, learn the language, achieve challenging goals through goal setting and planning, learn the doctrine in Preach My Gospel chapter 3, learn how to find people to teach, and to teach effectively.
  • What has changed? Formal replacement of the fundamentals, new emphasis on goal setting, new emphasis on finding, new emphasis on Speak Your Language, new emphasis on safeguards.
  • Doctrine: God is our loving HF, HF reveals his gospel in every dispensation, Apostasy and restoration, Book of Mormon as another testament of Jesus Christ, pray to know the truth, creation and agency and fall, atonement, repentance and the atonement, baptism.
  • Speak Your Language: use what you know, try it in your language first, ask permission to use English, find out how to say it, write it down, study and apply.
  • Your study time is  precious.
  • Teaching  should be drawn  from a deep reservoir.
  • Quality of teaching suffers if you just rely on a few scriptures.
  • Don’t send missionaries home unconverted.  The gospel should be written in their hearts.
  • The gospel should be more than just an influence.  It should be the fabric of their lives.
  • In our stake we have a large number of inactive returned missionaries.  Some say that within 10 years of returning from missions, 50% of RM’s are inactive.
  • The depth of love that a missionary has for the Book of Mormon will be reflected in their depth of conversion
  • We don’t use the Book of Mormon well.  The Book of Mormon is the instrument of gathering.  It is irrefutable evidence of the prophetic call of Joseph Smith and of the Church of Jesus Christ.
  • Read and study D&C 17:6 & 9.

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