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Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — August 30, 2017

  • Story in Judges of the enemy described as numerous as grasshoppers, but the Israelite army was whittled down to 300.The Lord can do more with 300 obedient servants than with 30,000 others.
  • The Lord can do more with 300 obedient servants than with an entire army of slothful servants.
  • Obedience is the principle of power, we need to teach it.
  • Strive to be one of the 300 obedient.
  • Those with severe anxiety can go straight to counseling, no permission needed.
  • What keeps President Martino up at night?  That the missionaries don’t know the doctrine.
  • The doctrine of Christ must be rooted in their hearts, and deeply embedded in the marrow of the bones.
  • One missionary in The District told an investigator that he hoped she wouldn’t have to use repentance “too often”.  Wrong! It is a daily endeavor for all of us.
  • Repentance is improving the good and correcting the bad.
  • Correct your transgressions and continually improve.
  • Joseph received a remission of sins before he was baptized.
  • Repentance is more than a cleansing – it is being changed to a morally strong person.
  • Teach and re-teach D&C 20:37.  This is the Lord’s standard.
  • The doctrine is the testimony of Christ.  D. Todd Christoffersen.
  • Acts 5:31.

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