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Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — July 14, 2019

1/  Sister Titensor

  • President Nelson has recently said: The sacredness of the Sacrament cannot be overstated.  We make a new covenant every Sunday when we partake — we are not just ‘renewing’ our baptismal covenant.  We are willing to take upon ourselves his name, always remember Him.
  • There is no other name given by which mankind can be saved.
  • President Nelson had 4 hopes for the new mission presidents: 1) Happiness of the spouses and their families  2) Safety and success of the missionaries  3) Success of the local leaders  4) Teaching the doctrine of Christ.

2/ President Titensor

  • Elder Anderson’s thoughts: Help make your missionaries devoted disciples of Christ.  When he was worried about his missionaries, he received the following inspiration — “You didn’t call these missionaries, I did!  Turn them toward me and I will help them become what they can and should be.”
  • Approach Christ with a broken heart.

3/ Sister LeSueur

  • Reviewing the thoughts of President Eyring at the conference.
  • You were all trained and prepared before mortality.  See D&C 138.
  • We should serve with all our hearts, minds, and strengths.
  • We should invite the missionaries to come unto Christ.
  • How can we help them come to Christ?
    • Tell them you love them and look them in the way.
    • Learn about their families and their background.
    • Memorize their names before you meet them.  Know something about them.
    • Someone at Harvard Business School did that for him and it changed his life.
    • Ask them how they have seen the Lord’s love manifested in their lives.
    • Praise them.  Thank them.  In them you will see children of God.

4/ President LeSueur

  • Sister Cordon said that when they had children serve missions, they were more concerned with who their mission president was than where they were serving.
  • Elder Oaks quoting President Nelson:  This work is the greatest work on the planet.
  • Teach these fundamentals:
    • Commitment to Jesus, and teaching about Him
    • You remember 10% of what you hear, 15% of what you see, 90% of what you teach.  Have the missionaries teach each other.
    • Mission work is and must be joyous (Alma 26:13)
    • The Book of Mormon is and must be the central focus of our work.
    • Proclaiming the gospel must be done by the Spirit.
    • Keep a journal, and it is best if it is written manually, not electronically.
    • Come and help, come and see, come and stay.
  • Tell the missionaries to take the ‘odometer’ off of their scriptures.  This is not a speed contest, nor a race.  Slow down, absorb, ponder, digest, carefully and slowly examine the scriptures as they read.

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