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missioneccles061117 (June 2017 ** )

Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — June 11, 2017

Branch Presidencies Training

Ecclesiastical Training, June 11, 2017

1/ Training

  • Tell the missionaries to not touch the murals in the new buildings.
  • ‘Millennials’ need to know why and how.
  • Prepare to learn, interact to edify, invite to act.
  • We need to talk less and listen more in our interactions with the young missionaries.
  • Give assignments ahead of time so that the missionaries can prepare.
  • The missionary who is not teaching should be listening by and with the Spirit.
  • Don’t accept ‘Sunday School’ answers – push them for more depth.
  • Virginia Pearce’s method: present the topic, give the middle portion of the lesson to the students, issue invitations to act at the end.
  • ‘Step out of the boat’ like Peter did, venture into new territory.
  • Teach the GREAT apostasy so that they understand the need for a restoration.
  • How did the Restoration correct ALL of the errors of the Great Apostasy?
    • The correct understanding of the Godhead
    • Tthe organization of the Church
    • The need for ongoing revelation
    • Personal study of scripture

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