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missioneccles052018 (Ecclesiastical training May 2018 ** )

Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — May 20, 2018

Ecclesiastical training, May 20, 2018

  • A new, holier approach — ministering.  This applies to the Missionary Training Center as well
  • We need to improve our ministering to our missionaries
  • Love God, love our neighbors
  • President Martino invited us to act:  1) minister through revelation 2) minister spontaneously as did Christ  3) minister to the ONE and to the GROUP
  • Elder Anderson: “The Lord will put his special sons and daughters in your path.”
  • Sisters will now introduce “safeguards” as well as “Adjusting To Missionary Life” on Thursday nights.  You can now minister to companionships or two companionships.
  • The First District meeting  1) Not just another lesson – leave nothing out  2) We need to include the new district leader 3) Prepare the district leader by giving him a copy of the new agenda on the first Thursday night  4) Invite to act 5) Start on time 6) Let the DL know that you will be monitoring the time
  • Devious people are targeting our missionaries on their devices.

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