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missioneccles051919 (May 19, 2019 ** )

Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — May 19, 2019

1/  President and Sister Titensor

  • The new MyMTC app will be available within weeks (May 21 and then June 4)
  • The app is for MTC use only.  The material on the missionary portal will not be duplicated on the app.
  • D&C 42:6 gives validity to the “two by two” missionary concept.  Companions do everything together, including the use of devices.
  • There need to be device audits every week.  They should check each other’s notes, photos, histories, app histories, etc.
  • Branch presidencies will teach how to do device audits on the second District Council meeting.
  • We need to foster a spirit of love and caring, not policing and spying.
  • We can remove darkness with light.

2/ Brother Zeidner of the IT staff

  • He explained the new missionary entrance questionnaire.  It will help us know the missionaries better, especially their emotional history.
  • Adjusting to Missionary Life will now be digitized.

3/ Sister LeSueur

  • People embrace the gospel in different ways.  Parley P. Pratt was converted as soon as he read the Book of Mormon.  Brigham Young pondered and studied and considered for over 2 years before he joined the Church.  We need to tailor our teaching and efforts to the individual.
  • Follow the guidance of the spirit, invite people to act, experiment upon the word.

4/ President LeSueur

  • I would like us to take a ‘top-down’ view of church administration.
  • The New Testament is essentially a diary of many devoted, faithful followers of Christ who gave their lives for Him.
  • It emphasizes the importance of accurate record-keeping.  Records are vital and critical.
  • One of the great witnesses of the truthfulness of this gospel is the smooth transitions that are made when leadership changes are made.  It is a miracle!
  • The least accurate, most deplorable records kept in this church are the area books in individual areas assigned to missionaries.  I can’t imagine how many wonderful opportunities have been lost over the decades due to the slovenly ways in which missionaries treat their area books.  These poor records doom those who follow them to weeks of wasted, repetitive work.  This poor behavior says something about how much we really love the people we serve.
  • New digital area books will be part of a new app that is on its way.  I pray this will improve this area where we need better effort and diligence.
  • What does ‘preside’ mean?  Can and do sisters preside?  YES!  They preside under the priesthood power and authority bestowed upon them when they are set apart to leadership positions.  For example, Sister LeSueur presides at MTC Relief Society meetings when she attends them.
  • There will be no more third counselors in branch presidencies.
  • Anyone who holds keys either has counselors or is part of a council.

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