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missioneccles032220 (March 2020 ** )

Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — March 22, 2020

1/  President LeSueur

  • Draw-down guidelines
    • Missionaries will travel to their destinations (assigned, re-assigned, or home on temporary leave) by Friday, March 27th.
    • All leaders will be placed on leave and notices sent to stake presidents on Friday, March 27th.
    • Leaders ‘timing-out’ during the leave will continue to be released on schedule.
  • Directions for this week
    • Sunday (today)
      • Doctrinal teaching as scheduled
      • Departure devotional broadcast as scheduled with ALL missionaries attending
      • Devotional broadcast as scheduled, with President and Sister Moon speaking
    • Tuesday
      • Devotional broadcast as scheduled, with Elder Robert C. Gay speaking
      • Normal devotional reviews after Elder Gay’s talk
    • Saturday
      • Leaders will be placed on ‘leave’
      • We may ask a few leaders to assist us next Sunday if we still have a few missionaries remaining
      • Emails will be sent to the stake presidents of all leaders, instructing them concerning your ‘leave’ status
    • Restart, reboot
      • It is impossible to forecast the circumstances under which the training center will restart.  When that might be, how many missionaries will initially be re-entering, and the exact status of the COVID-19 environment are all unknowns at this point.  Please know that your health and well-being, along with the well-being of the missionaries, will drive all future decisions.
      • It is possible that there will be a ‘paradigm shift’ when the MTC reboots
  • 1800 missionaries left the Philippines yesterday (March 21) on 5 jets chartered by the Church.  43 missions were effected.  This move depleted the Philippine missionary numbers by 80%.
  • Always remember, this is Christ’s church, He is in charge, He is in control of the situation.

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