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missioneccles031917 (March 2017 ** )

Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — March 19, 2017

Training for ecclesiastical leaders

Training for ecclesiastical leaders, March 19, 2017 — Introduction of a new theme

Sister Gilbert:

  • Both brethren and sisters are ecclesiastical leaders.
  • To minister is to do the Lord’s work on the earth, representing Him!
  • How can we minister ONE by ONE to the missionaries?  As we deepen our devotion to Him, our love for the missionaries will grow.  He serves us 1 by 1, and He will help us serve THEM 1 by 1.
  • The Holy Ghost is a revelator.  See 3 Nephi 17:20 – my joy is full.  Jesus blessed the children one by one.
  • Our escort missionaries welcome missionaries one by one, we interview one by one.
  • We will receive His love only as we promise to give that love away, in return.

President Gilbert

  • Priesthood leaders should serve as Jesus did.
  • We should serve heart to heart, pray for and about our new missionaries.  We should pray to know what we should say.
  • Treasure up the words of eternal life.
  • The purpose of interviews is to spread love.  We should love one another as He loves us.
  • 3 Nephi 27:21 gives us good understanding of Christ’s gospel.

Sister Weidman

  • Following are some guidelines regarding ‘Adjusting To Mission Life’.
  • There are things you can do to go from one level of stress to another, from red to green.
  • Don’t talk to the missionaries as if everyone is having stress.  Say instead that whatever you are feeling is okay.
  • The booklet is for everyone, because those who are not struggling can use it to help those who are struggling.
  • Start with “How to Get Started” on page one, then go to directions on page 12.
  • Missionaries will be challenged to complete the assessment on page 12-13, then they will report their experience to ecclesiastical sisters on Sunday.
  • Sisters are not to be one by one with elders in rooms.

President Weidman

  • 2 Nephi 28:30 tells us about Christ giving us more.
  • We are being “re-potted” with these new directives.  Be patient. Put down your roots.
  • We must be more committed.
  • We will have more leadership discretion with the new directives.
  • There will be increased missionary involvement, with much more missionary teaching.
  • There will be simplified leadership training and teaching.
  • Follow the keys, expect a flood of revelation.  See Jacob 5:71.

President Martino

  • Christ is orchestrating the affairs of the Provo Missionary Training Center!  All that we are presenting has been approved by the Brethren and is being implemented in all training centers world-wide.
  • The untold story — Alma 19:9-10.  Observe the chain of events that included King Lamoni, the 1005 who lost their lives, the widows of those 1005, who were the mothers of the 2000 warriors, etc.  All that was a result of the great faith of Lamoni’s wife “I have not seen such great faith among all the Nephites”.
  • We will give you the why, where, when, what.  You will supply the HOW through your own inspiration and revelation.  Take the time.

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