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Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — February 26, 2017

Match The Message training for ecclesiastical leaders

Match The Message training for ecclesiastical leaders, February 26, 2017

President Martino

  • We all have our agency.  We used it in the premortal existence because we chose to support Heavenly Father and the Savior.  Doctrine and Covenants 101:78 describes our “moral agency”.
  • We chose to be baptized, we chose to accept the priesthood, we chose to serve a mission.
  • Doctrine and Covenants 58:26 – Heavenly Father expects us to use our agency wisely and prudently.
  • Luke 22:31 – Satan desires to sift all of us “as wheat”, and poor use of our agency will give him the opportunity to do just that.
  • We have chosen to be representatives of Christ.
  • We need to pursue excellence, to pursue ‘the divine’.  We need to use our agency to “become as He is”.
  • No improper internet use, no pranks, no meeting with family members in or on the way to the temple, don’t use abbreviations or acronyms. 

President Weidman

  • The four guiding principles of Matching The Message:
    • Honor Christ’s name 2) Be wise and mature 3) Show respect in all things  4) Avoid extremes.
  • Ties should not be wider than the lapel of your suit coat.  If people make comments about your tie, be assured that it is a distraction to your calling.  Our clothing must not draw attention away from our purpose. Conservative and dignified.
  • Every interaction of an elder with a sister should be PURPOSE-DRIVEN, and our purpose is to be a representative of Jesus.  If your conversations with sisters does not fulfill the aspects of your missionary purpose, it is an inappropriate conversation.  You are not to be friends with the sisters – you are fellow servants.  It is impossible to receive ‘revelation’ in the mission field about romantic concerns – PERIOD!  Never be alone with or out of sight and sound with sisters. If your companion is not listening to any conversation you are having with a sister missionary, it is an inappropriate conversation.  

President Gilbert

  • Remember the story of David’s mighty men.  They ‘kept rank’. What does it mean to ‘keep rank’?
  • Characteristics of Captain Moroni:
    • He had a perfect understanding
    • He was strong and mighty [not necessarily BIG and strong]  
  • Read Alma 13 to discover how we used our agency in the pre-mortal existence!

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