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Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — February 19, 2017

Ecclesiastical Leader Training

Training for ecclesiastical leaders, February 19, 2017

Sister Weidman

  • The elements of the doctrine of Christ are endlessly interesting. The doctrine of Christ changes our nature.  The hired teachers at the Missionary Training Center teach the “what” and the “how” of missionary work. The ecclesiastical leaders teach the “why”.  They “inform”, we “transform”. 
  • We are missionaries to the missionaries.  We invite the missionaries to come unto Christ, to immerse themselves in the doctrine of Christ.
  • Elder Holland: “Everything in the conversion process must happen in your life before you can happen in the lives of your investigators.”
  • Elder Ballard said that in the next life, the Lord will be vitally interested in those who we have helped come unto Him. 

President Weidman

  • The Lord asked the brother of Jared if he believed the words that he WOULD speak.
  • The Lord is expecting more of His missionaries, so He will likewise expect more of US.
  • We will now have 16 online modules that we will need to complete.
  • “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, AS TOUCHING ONE THING, there will I be in the midst of them.”

President Martino

  • The cycle of faith includes: desire –> belief –> action (faith) –> power (faith) –> perfect knowledge –> expansion of the mind
  • Take each principle of the doctrine of Christ and move it through the faith cycle.
  • Our goal is to help a missionary gain a personal intimate relationship with Jesus.

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