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Ecclesiastical Training — Provo Missionary Training Center — February 10, 2019

1/  President Rahlf

  • Digital vs. hardcopy.  All Provo MTC missionaries will have a device

2/ Sister Rahlf

  • Dress slacks for sisters must be appropriate.  Help us correct the sisters if necessary, but not with words that can be construed as “sexual harassment”.
  • Don’t ever say, “Your neckline is so low that it is making some elders uncomfortable.”
  • When you need to correct a sister missionary, always do it with two ecclesiastical sisters present.  The law of witnesses.

3/ President and Sister Titensor

  • Convert baptism goal for 2019 is 257,000.
  • The missionary department wants to decrease the number of early releases, and increase department efficiency.
  • Bishop Waddell talked about the ‘doctrine of one’ in a recent training (one lamb, one son, etc.)

4/ Kelly Mills

  • New safety and health videos will soon be available.  Encourage your missionaries to watch all of them.
  • Parley P. Pratt was the first MTC president in this dispensation.  The ‘missionary school’ was held in a grove of trees near Kirtland, and Parley had priesthood authority for the training.

5/ Sister LeSeuer

  • Emphasize the missionary’s purpose.  Talk about ‘long-term conversion’ for our missionaries.  Teach the plan of salvation.

6/ President LeSeuer

  • A mother called me when I was presiding over a mission in the Philippines.  Her son was struggling and wanted to come home.  The mother asked me if I could just bring the son into the mission home for a few days so that he could be around Sister LeSeuer.  The elder had told his mother that he loved Sister LeSeuer.  The request was granted and the missionary followed SIster LeSeuer for a few days, and was then ready to continue his mission.
  • Don’t make signs to the elders who have just said a sacrament prayer.  Any eye contact between the sacrament table and the bishopric detracts from the sanctity of the ordinance.  No signals or signs.
  • When giving a blessing, simply state the person’s name, state ‘by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood’ and give the blessing.  Do NOT say ‘by the power of” or mention the Savior’s name at the beginning.

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