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Elder and Sister D. Todd Christoffersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Tuesday devotional,  April 24, 2018

Sister Kathy Christofferson
  • Help people understand where they are going and how to get there.
  • Job 48:4-7 emphasizes the importance of premortal life.
  • Jeremiah 1:5, Isaiah 49, Abraham 3:22-26 refer to decisions made in the premortal existence.
  • Their son struggled mightily during his mission.  One day he was sitting on a bus and could only see his own reflection on the window.  As the lights and shadows changed, he could then see the people outside the bus.  It was the Lord’s subtle nudge to him, reminding him to focus on others and not on himself. 
  • The Plan of Salvation is the only way.  Lose yourself in the service of the Lord.
Elder D. Todd Christofferson
  • This past week, 1300 missionaries were assigned to missions!  Four of the apostles were assigned to the task!
  • President Nelson has great energy and inspiration.  He never stops.
  • He described what it was like to be present when the new prophet was decided upon and the ordination took place.  He received a personal witness that this course was right.
  • When should the First presidency be reconstituted? That very day.  God prepared and called Russell Marion Nelson. I so testify. Jesus directed this action.
  • Your witness can be just as sure as if you were there, through the spirit.
  • President Nelson’s talk about revelation at General Conference should be studied and followed.
  • He shared how willing the Lord is to reveal His will to us.  President Nelson receives revelation during the night, sometimes three or four times.
  • The Lord will assist us in righteous pursuits, with issues large or small.
  • He described a time when he was picking pears and he was very concerned that one morning he had not picked his usual amount.  He became paralyzed with fear that something bad was going to result from this. The Lord calmed him and blessed him. If the foolish fear of a young boy was important enough for the Lord to send peace, how willing He must be to bless and comfort us in ANY occasion.
  • What wisdom do you lack?  Find your own Sacred Grove.  Pray by and with the Spirit.  See 3 Nephi 19:24.
  • Grow into the principle of revelation.  Purity, obedience, gratitude, scripture study and prayer – these are the keys to revelation.
  • Name your blessings one by one.
  • Scripture study puts you in a condition to receive revelation.
  • “Majority rules” is not the case in the Lord’s church.  There must be complete accord, a union of feeling.
  • There is so much more your Heavenly Father wants you to know.
  • Some of His mightiest works will occur between now and when the Savior comes again.
  • It will not be possible to survive spiritually without personal revelation.
  • YOU HAVE APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY!  You share our apostolic commission.
  • Don’t use your authority or the Savior’s name in vain.  Refer to Doctrine and Covenants section 63 for verification of this truth.

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