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Elder and Sister D. Todd Christoffersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Tuesday devotional,  February 26, 2019

Sister Kathy Christofferson
  • Jacob 5: The allegory of the olive tree.
  • Focus on the Savior in reading the Book of Mormon, especially Jacob 5.
  • Laborers are few. Labor with the Lord – lay up fruit.
  • Study the scriptures with real intent.
  • We will have the Lord with us as we do His work.
  • You will see the hand of the Lord in this work.
Elder D. Todd Christofferson
  • Flee temptation.
  • The gospel and the commandments must not just be external – they need to be internalized.  They should be written in the fleshy tablets of the heart.
  • Be converted.
  • Is the law of God written in your heart?
  • What you are governs what you do.
  • God is love. It is an internalized attribute.
  • There seem to be various levels of acceptance.
    • Those who know the law, but do not follow. Mosiah 12:26-29. The commandments were not written in their hearts (Priests of Noah).
    • Those who sin with the idea that they can repent at the appropriate time to be able to serve. They mock the atoning blood of Christ.
    • Those who follow the outward performances, but do not understand the spirit of the law. For example, the children of Israel. Mosiah 13:29-32.
    • Those who are essentially good, but not spiritually mature. Those who do many good things, but not strong enough to withstand the scorn of the great and spacious building. For example, Peter at times in his life – Luke 22:31-34.  The law is the guide, but they will not follow it at all costs. The law is not a part of their nature. They are not yet converted.
    • Those who are truly converted. The converted Peter. Day of Pentecost, healing the man at the gate, testified to the Jewish leader, suffered death.
  • Characteristics of the truly converted:
    • A clear understanding of the gospel precepts.
    • His fear was washed away.
    • The gospel was written in his heart.
    • King Benjamin’s people. Mosiah 5:2., 5:7-9
  • Be obedient unto the end of your life.
  • We must be spiritually begotten of God. Faithfulness to the covenants will bring this result.
  • If you are not there, do not be discouraged. Be invigorated to go forward and do what is necessary.
  • President Benson said: Do not lose hope. The Lord is pleased with every effort. Even the tiny daily ones.
  • Alma to Shiblon: Alma 38:2
    • Continue in keeping his commandments with exactness.
    • Put your trust in God in the midst of trials and troubles. Verse 5
    • Cry for mercy. There is no means but through the Savior. Your faith will grow as you worship.
    • Verse 10.   Teach by the spirit of truth.
    • Do not be lifted up in pride. V. 11-12
    • Bridle all of  you passions.
    • Be sober.  (verses 12-15)
    • Controlling your passions.  This brings freedom.
    • Refrain from idleness. V. 15.
    • Forgive my unworthiness and bless my brethren.  Verse 15.
  • When we see things in true light, we are reverent. Do not mock sacred things.
  • We need mercy and grace.
  • Heed Alma’s words. Seek to be converted.
  • Jeremiah 31:33-34. I will be their God and they my people. They shall all know the Lord.
  • D&C 124:15 God loved Hyrum because of his integrity.
  • This is His work. You are His.
  • Conversion means to have integrity.
  • The Lord is pleased with any effort. Sincere efforts bring blessings.
  • God can make any mess into a message, or any test into a testimony.
  • Don’t be discouraged if our conversion takes more than a moment.
  • We need to overcome the natural man.

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