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Elder and Sister Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Easter Sunday devotional,  April 16, 2017

1/ Sister Oaks

  • The Father has great love for all of you.
  • How could He show that love?  By allowing the Savior to show, walk, teach, die, rise up, ask, help, and LIVE.
  • The word Easter is only used once in the King James Version of the Bible.
  • The Savior nurtured and healed.  He did not ride a stallion into Jerusalem, as was the custom of kings and princes.  He rode a donkey. His entry into Jerusalem marked the release from sin and death.
  • He cleansed the temple — He can cleanse us.
  • How should we use this Easter week?  By remembering Life, Light, Love.
  • If our devotion is fleeting, then re-commit this week.
  • Gethsemane = olive press.  Christ endured incomprehensible “pressure” in the Garden, the cumulative weight of our combined sins.
  • Read “The Living Christ”.  Place a copy where you can see it.  Memorize it. The Oaks family did that and it changed their lives.
  • Have faith, have hope, live like His Son.

2/ Elder Oaks

  • The resurrection is becoming a more and more unique message from our Church to the world.  Many Christians have backed away from a literal interpretation of the resurrection.
  • He said, “Handle me and see…”.  He ate food in front of them and with them.  Thomas needed to see.
  • The phrase, “…the doors being shut…” are significant.
  • Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.  He is RISEN!
  • He appeared both to individuals and to groups, as a witness of His resurrection.  The Nephites felt his wounds one by one. Because I live, ye shall live also.
  • Perfect frame, the prime of His life, perfect form.
  • The literal resurrection of the Lord is fundamental to our religion.  We need to increase our testimony of the Lord. We will be held accountable.
  • If there be no resurrection, then our preaching is in vain.  We have a “lively hope” because we know He lives.
  • Mortal deficiencies are temporary — the resurrection is a RESTORATION.  It gives us courage to face our own death and to bear mortal challenges.
  • Our temples are firm witnesses of our conviction of immortality.  We work in behalf of the dead.

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