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missionccc1 (Elder Craig Christensen ** )

Elder and Sister Craig C. Christensen of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  October 31, 2017

Elder and Sister Craig C. Christensen of the Presidency of the Seventy, October 31, 2017

Sister Christensen:

  • Always be a believer in Christ and servants of the most high God.
  • My husband and I have passed the sons of Mosiah in years of service.
  • Live in the light!  There are so many distractions, but we must stay true.
  • Apply the atoning blood of Christ in your lives.
  • Joseph Smith has done more, with Jesus being the only exception, for the salvation of men than any other man that has lived.

Elder Christensen:

  • There are more prayers offered per square foot of land on the MTC campuses than anywhere else on earth, even including the temples.
  • This is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 96 theses on the cathedral door.  That was considered ‘hallowed evening’.
  • Your callings – Matthew 28 – “Go ye into every nation, and observe all the things that I have commanded you.”  Teach with power and authority.
  • Study Alma 43:1-2, pondering both the prophecy and the inspired revelation.
  • Important points:  1) You are called after the holy order of God, as mentioned in Article of Faith 5.  Your calling is a most important calling, in line with the doctrine found in Alma 13.  You too have been called by God 2) As taught in Preach My Gospel chapter 4, you have both power and authority — your authority comes from your calling and your power comes from your personal righteousness.  Search the scriptures every day and have your own personal devotional, pray and fast, teach with power and authority 3) Teach repentance and baptize converts – teach the doctrine of Christ, repentance usually follows an invitation to CHANGE, conversion is described in Mosiah 5:2 and Omni 1:26.  There is a difference between having a testimony and truly being converted.  A testimony is a witness, but conversion is staying true to your testimony.  4) The role of the Holy Ghost is critical in your work  5) Never rest, never stop, never give up.
  • Your mission calls come from servants of God, and it is a revelatory process.
  • Three questions to you to consider:  1) What does it mean to be truly converted?  2) What are the expectations of converts – see Doctrine and Covenants 20:37  3) How can we help others?
  • True conversion requires true repentance.
  • Helping others to repent is an expression of true love, repentance means striving to change, turn your life around and OBEY!
  • The first fruit of repentance is baptism.  See Moroni 8:25-26. Also teach repentance AFTER baptism. Your fruit should remain!  See John 15:16.
  • Mosiah 4:12 – It is critical to retain a remission of sins, not just to stay in the Church.
  • The Holy Ghost helps you to teach more powerfully, you must teach by the power of the Holy Ghost.  There must be a doctrinal foundation. See Doctrine and Covenants 8:2-3
  • Revelation is connecting thoughts with feelings!  This is done through prayer.
  • The Holy Ghost can work through the Light of Christ.
  • Who is the Holy Ghost?  His purpose is to bear testimony of true things.  He is the agent of revelation, and He is a comforter, testifier, testator, sanctifier, and teacher.
  • How can we help othes feel the influence of the Holy Ghost?  In the moment, impressions will come.  Follow them. The Holy Ghost is the missionary – we are the instrument.
  • There is an URGENCY about this message and about this work.  Elder Andersen said that we must share in the insomnia that the brethren feel about sending forth the message

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