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Elder and Sister Carl B. Cook of the Presidency of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  March 5, 2019

Elder Cook

  • Regardless of your age, you will have an incredible experience on your missions.
  • He had his 18 grandchildren come up on the stand, and we sang “Called To Serve” to them.  He had them share any feelings or thoughts they felt

Sister Cook

  • You missionaries have a beautiful light.  Soon you will be in your assigned areas, and you will use your light to influence others.  Your light will be an influence even when you are unaware that you are influencing someone.
  • Let your light so shine.  Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.”  Jesus is the true light and the source of all light
  • Our light can grow and brighten.  Don’t let discouragement extinguish your flame.  You cannot endure on borrowed light.
  • You will not be alone.
  • At one point in her life, Sister Cook’s mother was running a race and she tripped and fell.  However, she got back up, persisted, and won the race.  Sister Cook has often felt her mother’s presence during challenging times, telling her to ‘get up’ and keep running.
  • Keep your flames bright and growing.

Elder Cook

  • Your MTC president, President LeSeuer, was influenced by his older brother.  Your light will inspire others.  Be wise and let your (His) light shine.
  • I struggled with the German language while here at the MTC.  During an intense prayer for help, he was inspired to know that “I didn’t call you on this mission to become perfect at speaking the German language.  I called you to serve this mission with all you heart, might, mind, and strength.”
  • Life provides humbling experiences.  Think about Ether 12:27.  “I give unto men weaknesses…”
  • We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.
  • Humility is a sign of spiritual strength, not a sign of weakness.
  • The opposite of humility is pride.  Pride is focusing on ourselves, focusing on me and my and I.
  • The Book of Mormon states that the children of men are quick to be lifted up in pride.
  • Surrender (he waved a white flag) your will to God’s will.  Live as He would have you live.  Remember D&C 112:10.
  • Some sisters were teaching a man about tithing.  He said he could not afford to pay tithing.  When they both testified of the blessings of paying tithing, even when it seems impossible to pay, he changed his attitude.  He pulled out his credit card and asked if he could pay his tithing one year in advance, even before he was baptized.
  • President Nelson is a supreme example of humility, and Jesus is the ULTIMATE example of humility.  Consider his birth, his baptism, his ministry.

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