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missioncag1 (Elder Carlos Godoy ** )

Elder and Sister Carlos A. Godoy of the Presidency of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  January 22, 2019

Sister Godoy

  • You missionaries are like angels to me!
  • The first time we came here to speak, I was very afraid and did not speak.  I didn’t feel my English was good enough.  The spirit was so strong when we came that I was very sorry that I had asked not to speak.  With that experience I allowed my fears to dominate my faith.
  • An example of using faith to overcome fear was when Nephi went to get the plates of brass.  He didn’t know beforehand how he was going to succeed.
  • When we presided over a mission in Peru, I had to learn Spanish, a new language for me.  I was fearful but the Lord helped me succeed.
  • When are in an situation of fear, remember your faith!

Elder Godoy

  • Worry somewhat about learning your second language, but NOT TOO MUCH!  Work hard but do not fear.  I used to work as a translator here at the MTC when I was at BYU, but I cried so much during my translation sessions that I was not very successful.
  • I am going to tell you about my conversion story this evening, hoping that it will give you hope as you begin your service.
  • I was introduced to the gospel by sister missionaries.  They are my angels!
  • I was 16 years old when a member of the Church invited my sister to go to an LDS church activity.  My mother said my sister could go ONLY IF me or my brother would go with her.  My brother refused so I went to the activity with my sister.  My sister was “church material” but I wasn’t.  I had very long hair.
  • At the activity, which I considered to be very ‘weird’, I was amazed at how happy these ‘Mormons’ were.  Their church was not showy or ornate, and the activity was nothing great, but they were all so HAPPY!
  • As we left that night, the sister missionaries asked if we would like to know more about the Church.  My sister said, “No, thank you”, but to my utter astonishment, I said, “Yes!”  I couldn’t believe I said that!  Actually, I now know that my spirit said “Yes” because my spirit realized that something wonderful was happening.
  • My parents would not allow me to hear the discussions in our home, so I was taught the gospel in the chapel.  That chapel still stands and it is my SACRED GROVE!  I love that chapel and what happened in it!
  • When I first heard the account of the First Vision, I was STRUCK!  I knew I was hearing the truth.  That discussion changed the course of the entire rest of my life!  I wanted to declare what I had heard and felt to the entire world!  I was baptized one month later.  There were just 5 people at my baptism — four full time missionaries and the branch mission leader!  I had no family, no friends, no branch members.  But, I had MY missionaries.
  • Lessons to be drawn from my conversion:
    1. Don’t judge a person by their appearance.  Fight your human nature to categorize people.
    2. Simple, small activities can change lives.  Get your friends into the chapel, into the homes of members, into the presence of the Spirit!
    3. ‘One’ is not ‘one’!  Those missionaries didn’t realize they were baptizing a future missionary, a future LDS husband and father, a future mission president, a future general authority!  They actually baptized an entire generation of Latter-day Saints, found on both sides of the veil!
    4. Become ‘eternal’ friends with your converts.  I found both of my sister missionaries later in my life, with the hand of the Lord playing a direct role in both of those events.  They are my angels.
    5. You never know!  You will find your converts in unexpected ways and places.
  • You are in the process of ‘becoming’.  Make it a life-long pursuit.

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