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BAPTISM BULLETIN message for the week of August 7, 1972

The Wellington Zone BAPTISM BULLETIN for the week of August 7, 1972


Dear fellow servants:

Many men have said, “If I were in his shoes, I could be successful, too!”  Possibly that is true.  Undoubtedly some people are in a better position to be successful than others, but their position has been acquired by a correct attitude.  Attitudes do determine success!  With the proper attitudes, small opportunities can be magnified and will result in larger opportunities.  All things are possible to him that believeth.  Attitudes determine one’s power to believe.  God has given all of us the power to control our attitudes, and because of that, we also control our own success or failure.  Have confidence in yourself:  YOU are as good as any other missionary.  Believe this positively and you will be able to do anything you want to do.


Elder Michael Taylor and Elder Doran Moore


  • Zone Conference starts tomorrow morning at 9:00 am at the Wellington Chapel, so be there at 7:45 or 8:00 am.  Bring pad and pencil and be prepared for a spiritual feast.
  • Thanks to Elders Bowen and Sandgren who came through with a baptism this week.  Our zone has now baptized for six weeks in a row.
  • If you don’t like a situation, change your attitude!  (Sir Edward Thompson)

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