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BAPTISM BULLETIN message for the week of July 24, 1972

The Wellington Zone BAPTISM BULLETIN for the week of July 24, 1972


Dear harvesters of the Lord in the Wellington Zone:

Following are more inspirational thoughts from our General Authorities that should be kept in mind by us all: “You are giving two years to the Lord.  Give him the best you can give.”  “Be the kind of companion you want your companion to be…” “Excel!  Don’t just do the best you can.”  “You won’t be judged by how many converts you had, but by the number of people you could have converted if you had done your best.”  “Two years to serve the Lord and an eternity to reflect upon it.”  “I hear elders and sisters say, ‘We have a difficult area’, but it doesn’t matter what your area is like — just as long as there are people, that is all you need.”  “When an elder is not baptizing, ask him if he is following his handbook.  If an elder will follow his handbook, he will baptize.”  Let us all keep these thoughts in mind as we search for and find souls to baptize.


Elder Michael Taylor and Elder Doran Moore


  • Our zone has now baptized for four weeks in a row.  We are shooting for 15 weeks in a row.  Keep working hard.
  • We now have two Australian missionaries in our zone.  The first Australian that baptizes will receive a special reward.
  • The Wellington 1 district has baptized for four weeks in a row.
  • Anyone needing a short speaker for a baptismal service, contact Elder Moore!

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