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BAPTISM BULLETIN message for the week of July 17, 1972

The Wellington Zone BAPTISM BULLETIN for the week of July 17, 1972


Dear fellow missionaries,

Let’s you and I do a little bit of logical thinking for a minute.  We all know that to baptize regularly, we must have a combination of three things: faith, desire, and hard work.  If we have these three things, we will baptize.  Now, we are all capable of doing good hard work, we all either have or can acquire a burning desire to baptize, and faith comes from hearing and studying the word of God.  Therefore, since it is possible for all of us to acquire the three keys to being a weekly baptizer, whose fault is it if we don’t?  You are right, our own.  But be of good cheer, for we have a loving Father who wants to help us if we give Him the chance.  This week, let us all strive to develop these three keys to successful missionary work: a burning desire to baptize, undeniable faith in the Lord, and working up to our full potential.  Wellington reigns in 1972.


Elder Michael Taylor and Elder Doran Moore


  • We have had baptisms in our zone for three weeks in a row.  Let’s keep it going.
  • The zone leaders are still waiting for a set to baptize two or more p[people in one week so that they can shout them to a nice night on the town.
  • We have just received a new mission president.  Let’s show him that Wellington is the best zone in the mission by baptizing every week.
  • Our thought for the week comes from Elder Bowden:  “I would give everything I have, even my hair, to serve the Lord on a mission.”
  • Kia kaha, teach, baptize, study, immerse people.

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