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BAPTISM BULLETIN message for the week of July 10, 1972

The Wellington Zone BAPTISM BULLETIN for the week of July 10, 1972


Dear fellow missionaries,

Our zone is uniting.  We are truly beginning to earn our Father in Heaven’s blessings.  As we continue to serve in love, harmony, and unity, God will bless us even more abundantly.  Our pizza party last Monday showed all of us that we truly love one another and are concerned about each other’s success.  It is great to gather together as a zone and feel of each other’s spirits.  It is our prayer that our zone will be united in its efforts to baptize more souls into the true Church each week.  United we stand, divided we fall.


Elder Michael Taylor and Elder Doran Moore


  • The sought-after “Proselyters of the Week” award goes to Elders Lewis and Smith and Sisters Hilbert and Grochocki this week.  Congratulations!  Always cherish this award.
  • Remember, the zone goal for baptisms this months is 12.  Let’s go get these souls!
  • We want to issue a challenge to each and every set this week:  be in your area proselyting by 9:30 sharp every morning and teach at least 10 discussions this week.  WE can all do it.  Have faith and work hard.
  • And last but not least, BAPTIZE!

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