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BAPTISM BULLETIN message for the week of July 3, 1972

The Wellington Zone BAPTISM BULLETING for the week of July 3, 1972


Dear Elders and Sisters of the best zone in the New Zealand Hamilton Mission,

Elder Moore and I are thrilled to publish this little bulletin and express our appreciation to you.  Two choice souls were baptized into the Wellington Ward this past week, which was exceedingly pleasing to our Heavenly Father and to us.  All of us have been sent to New Zealand to do two things: 1) PREACH the gospel of Jesus Christ  2) BAPTIZE people into the gospel.  Every week, the Lord prepares at least one person in every area for us to teach and baptize.  We can baptize consistently if we:  1) WORK hard to find souls to baptize  2) PRAY earnestly for baptisms  3) FAST righteously for our contacts  4) TRUST in the Lord.  Let’s all do it.  We are entering a new month, so set your goals and then work with until you reach them.  The Lord is always ready to bless those who wholly dedicate themselves to the work.


Elder Michael Taylor and Elder Doran Moore


  • Wellington 1 district came out victorious in our monthly district competition by the astounding score of 1108 to 793, so all of you in the Wellington 2 district need to practice up on your pizza making skills.
  • Our zone name has now been officially changed to the WELLINGTON ZONE, so we need to eliminate the words CAPE, if, and maybe from our vocabularies.
  • A special ‘talofa’ to Elder Roberts and Elder Cook.  It is great to have you on our baptizing team.
  • The coveted ‘Proselyters of the Week’ award goes to Elders Tryon, Nelson, Sandgren, and Bowen.  Excellent work, elders.
  • Our thought for the week comes from Elder Lewis: “Baptize spelled backwards is EZITPAB”.  Strong work, Elder Lewis.
  • To show our appreciation to the first set of missionaries that baptizes two or more people in one week, the zone leaders will shout them to a Big Tex hamburger and a side-order of chips.

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