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missionbo (Sister Oscarson ** )

Sister and Brother Bonnie Oscarson, General Young Women President

Tuesday devotional,  October 3, 2017

  • Her husband was called as president of the Swedish Mission when he was 29 years old and she was 25 years old.  They had three small children and she was one month from delivering their 4th baby!
  • They returned 2 decades later to Sweden to preside over the Sweden Temple.
  • I represent your mothers and sister missionaries on the Missionary Council of the Church.
  • You are being asked to do things that you have never done before: 1) live with a companion  2) talk to strangers 3) study every day 4) leave your homes
  • If you feel overwhelmed or homesick, you are not alone and you are not the first.  I promise you that you have made the right choice, you are in the right place, and this is the right time.
  • The blessings that will come to you through your service are incalculable and incomparable.
  • Missions are training grounds for life.  Your mission field will be “holy ground”. 
  • You must sacrifice and exercise faith.
  • Genesis 18 – Abraham and Sarah, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”
  • Ammon served a 14 year mission, but read Alma 26:27  “when we were depressed”
  • Brother Oscarson told about the conversion of a family, and it was the testimony of a new missionary that brought the spirit into the room and caused the family to request baptism.  Arrangements were made to baptize the family that very night because the new missionary was being transferred the next day. The only available place for baptism was in an icy river, freezing cold.
  • Truths about missionary work:  1) The spirit does the converting  2) If we are where we should be doing what we should do, the Lord will bring miracles  3) The Lord is mindful of his children’s lives.
  • Your mission experience will be tailored to YOU by the Lord.
  • In Alma 26:12, Ammon speaks of the ‘many mighty miracles’ that he and his brethren were able to perform as missionaries, due to the strength of the Lord.  Missionaries, prepare now to join the 3M club!
  • A young woman was baptized in South America and remained faithful and true despite many challenges.  She kept a picture of the Salt Lake temple in her room, greatly desiring to see that building one day. Despite all odds, she was able to serve a mission.  She was called as a Temple Square missionary, speaking Spanish.
  • Don’t be a half-hearted missionary – be diligent, be brave, be faithful.  Put everything on the altar.
  • In the parable of the currant bush, told by President Hugh B. Brown, he said, “Thank you, Lord, for loving me enough to cut me down.”  President Brown came to a clear understanding that the Lord is truly the gardener in His garden.
  • The chastening of the Lord tells us to   1) repent 2) refine 3) redirect.
  • Learn these three important truths  1) The lord will help us when we trust Him  2) The Lord will tailor your mission to you 3) The Lord is the gardener.

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