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Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, General Young Women President, and her husband Bro. Oscarson

Tuesday devotional,  January 3, 2018

Brother Oscarson:

  • On his first mission in Sweden, he and his companion had endured a long unproductive morning. His junior companion talked him into just one more group of houses, where they found a golden family.  Years later as he presided over the temple in Sweden, he was able to seal the son of the family to his new bride. This was one of the greatest thing that happened on their missions.

Sister Oscarson:

  • Doctrine and Covenants 101:16 says, “Be still and know that I am God.”
  • President Thomas S. Monson often said that each missionary is called to the best mission in the church.
  • She asked her family members 1) What were the greatest lessons you learned from your mission  2) What do you want your children to know about missionary service 3) What would you say to an elder or sister about to go on their mission.
  • Some of the answers were:
    • Give your mission your full and complete attention. 
    • Work harder than you have ever worked before.
    • If you immerse yourself in the work, you will be HAPPY!  See Doctrine and Covenants 18:15-16.
    • Put your shoulder to the wheel, even when you face discouragement and trials.
    • Have fun, smell the roses along the way.
  • Their son-in-law was tracting in Lower Hutt, New Zealand during his mission.  After a long unproductive day, they came to a road construction sign that read “WORKS END”.  They took it for a sign from God that they were not going to have success that day on that street. But they decided to push on and do one more apartment complex.  They met a golden family that joined the church. Endure to the END!
  • Sister Oscarson’s counsel to the missionaries was:
    • #1 – Forget yourself, and just go to work. Serve every minute.  Complete your mission with no regrets.
    • #2 – Put the world behind you, let go of distractions such as music, Face Book, Twitter, and even your families.  Inspiration will come. Start listening to the spirit. The spirit communicates in 2 ways – thoughts and feelings.  It is a still small voice. You have to listen carefully.
    • #3 – You are not nor ever will be alone!  Be obedient. Expect miracles. With God at your side there is unlimited POWER!  Learn to love God. See Jacob 5:72.  Look up talk by Elder Holland, For Times of Trouble.  You are never alone in this work.
    • #4 – Love the people, love your companion.  We love those whom we serve.
    • #5 – Make sincere prayer and fasting a regular part of your work. 
  • In your devotional review, ask yourself which of the above points you need to work on.
  • The Holy Ghost is essential in this work.

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