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missionbhn7 (Elder Nielson ** )

Elder and Sister Brent H. Nielson of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional, January 30, 2018

Sister Nielson:

  • The Lord loves you individually.  Many blessings await you.
  • You can and will have unexpected feelings (crying, apprehensiveness, etc.)  That makes you 100% normal.  Don’t lose sight of the blessings as you struggle.  Look up and look out.
  • She told about a granddaughter who worked through the challenges of having her life disrupted by the arrival of a new baby brother.
  • Blessings of full-time missionary service:
    • You will have a companion
    • You will BE a companion
    • The Holy Spirit will be your CONSTANT companion
    • You will help investigators get through their challenges
  • My favorite scripture is Doctrine and Covenants 123:17, which tells us to be still and watch the salvation of the Lord.

Elder Nielson:

  • Love your missionary experience!  I want to give you a “vision” of this great work.
  • Where there is no vision, the people perish.
  • 50 stakes were created in Africa LAST YEAR!
  • How does the church grow?  A set of obedient missionaries finds an investigator, introduces them to TRUTH, baptism results, and the cycle repeats itself over and over.
  • Finding quality investigators is your prime concern!  You now have electronic tools to bless the effort.
  • There were 89 million hits on the ‘Light The World’ site at <> last month!  That resulted in tens of thousands of referrals! They are finding US!
  • He told a great story of the Book of Mormon in Australia that resulted in many coming into the church, and it all happened online.  A young woman googled “Where can I find peace?” She and many family members are now members of the Church.
  • There were 1500 baptisms in the last 90 days of 2017 just from <> alone!
  • The new ‘Area Book App’ is so great!  It will tell you where to find former investigators!
  • We want you to become a MASTER of electronics, not a SLAVE to electronics.  We want to raise up an “immunized” generation who don’t even think about using electronics for devious or unrighteous purposes.
  • President Nelson told the missionaries that he carries his iPad everywhere he goes.  Technology is hastening the work.
  • Are you sleeping through the Restoration? Wake up.  It is ONGOING!
  • Shall we not go forward in so great a cause?

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