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Inspirational Missionary thoughts

Inspirational missionary thoughts from various sources:

  • Your call as a missionary is God’s gift to you; your service as a missionary is your gift to God.
  • “The missionary recommendations that arrive daily at Church headquarters present a spectrum of preparedness. Let me share with you just one or two comments gleaned from the period I served on the Missionary Committee. One recommendation form contained this comment written by the bishop: ‘John is very close to his mother. She would be happy if he were assigned to a mission close to their home so she could phone weekly and visit him on occasion.’ As I read this comment to President Spencer W. Kimball, who assigned the missionaries then, I wondered what his reaction would be. Would he assign the young man to California or Washington, that he might be near his Oregon home? Without raising his eyes from the assignment sheet, President Kimball said, ‘Please assign this young man to Johannesburg, South Africa.’ ” — Shared by President Thomas S. Monson in the October 1987 General Conference.
  • “I look back upon my mission of 65 years ago and realize that everything good that has happened to me since then is the result of my having served a mission.  Everything that has turned out to be good and useful and productive is a result of that missionary service.  My mission had a greater effect upon my life in terms of giving me direction than any other experience of my life.  If you make the most of this missionary experience you will go on drawing upon it, for as long as you live and it will bless your lives. If you miss the opportunity or if you don’t make the most of it, you will regret it the rest of your lives.”  — President Gordon B. Hinckley, December 15, 2001
  • You will spend two years serving your mission and the rest of your life thinking about how you served your mission.

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