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missionary3 (Dedication in Japan ** )

Dedication in Japan


Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles related this faith-promoting story as he spoke to the Provo MTC missionaries on Tuesday, October 24, 2017:

Two faithful elders serving in Elder Stevenson’s mission in Japan set some very high goals for a certain day.  They wanted to contact a certain number of people and attempt to share the gospel with them.  The goal they set was incredibly high.  If was far beyond the number of people they had ever contacted as a companionship, but they were determined to reach the goal.  They worked hard all day long, but at 8:45 pm they had not reached their goal, even though they had contacted more people than ever before.  They could have been content with what they had accomplished, but they decided to take advantage of the last 15 minutes and went to a busy train station to contact more people.  As they moved among the many people in the station, a man watched the missionaries from a distance.  As he watched these two young men, wondering who they were and what they were doing, an audible voice said, “Go talk to those two young men.  They are men of God and you need to hear their message.”  He looked around to see who had said this, but there was no one nearby that could have spoken to him.  This voice was of the Spirit.  He decided to do what the voice had said, and he approached the two missionaries.  He was baptized 2 months later.  What if the missionaries had been content with what they had achieved by 8:45 pm, and had headed for their apartment, satisfied with a job well done, but somewhat short of their desired goal?  Enduring to the end is a principle of missionary work as well as a principle of our life’s journey.

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