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missionary2 (Standardized interview questions ** )

Standard Missionary Questions

In 2017, the Church Missionary Department announced that all prospective full-time missionaries would be asked the following questions by his or her priesthood leader in a pre-mission interview:

1/ Do you have faith in and a testimony of God the Eternal Father; His Son, Jesus Christ; and the Holy Ghost?

2/ Do you have a testimony that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God and the Savior and Redeemer of the world?  Please share your testimony with me.      How has the Atonement of Jesus Christ influenced your life?

3/ What does it mean to you to repent?  Do you feel that you have fully repented of past transgressions?

4/ Will you share your testimony with me that the gospel and Church of Jesus Christ have been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and that [current Church  President] is a prophet of God?

5/ Full-time missionary service requires living gospel standards.  What do you understand about the following standards?

a/ The law of chastity.  In reference to the law of chastity, have you always lived in accordance with what has been discussed?  If not, how long ago did the                     transgression(s) occur?  What have you done to repent?
b/ Avoiding pornography
c/ The law of tithing
d/ The Word of Wisdom, including the use of drugs or the abuse of prescribed medications
e/ Keeping the Sabbath day holy
f/ Being honest in all you say and do

Have you lived in accordance with all these standards?  Are you now living in accordance with them?  Will you live in accordance with them as a full-time                  missionary?

6/ Do you have any legal actions pending against you?

7/ Have you ever committed a serious violation of criminal law, regardless of whether or not you were arrested, you were convicted, or the record was expunged?

8/ Have you ever sexually abused a child in any way, regardless of whether or not you were charged, you were convicted, or the record was expunged?

9/ Have you ever committed any other serious transgression or misdeed that should be resolved before your mission?

10/ Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by The Church of        Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

11/ Do you have an unpaid debts?  If so, how will these debts be paid off before your mission or managed while you serve a mission?

12/ Do you currently have or have you ever had any physical, mental, or emotional condition that would make it difficult for you to maintain a normal missionary          schedule which requires that you work for 12-15 hours a day, including studying for 2-4 hours a day, walking or biking for up to 8-10 hours a day, and so forth?

13/ Have you ever been diagnosed with or received treatment for dyslexia or ohter reading disorders?  If so, are you comfortable reading  scriptures and other documents aloud?  Do you believe that you could memorize appropriate scriptures and other information with the assistance of your companion?  In what ways do you now compensate for this disorder?

14/ Have you ever been diagnosed with or received treatment for a speech disorder?  If so, are you comfortable speaking in front of others?  D you feel that you have adequate tools to help  you learn, teach and communicate?

15/ Have you ever been on medication or otherwise treated for any of the following conditions: attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), or autism spectrum disorder (Including Asperger’s)?  If yes, please explain.

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