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Some thoughts about companions by Elder Glen L. Rudd, emeritus General Authority —

   Since the beginning of missionary work in the time of the Savior, missionaries have traveled two by two.  In the mission field we are put together with companions who have different backgrounds, interests, and sometimes even different ages.  Missionary work brings us together into close, intimate companionship. Having a missionary companion is a great blessing, and the companionship and love we gain from each other in the mission field will continue when our missions are over.  Some of the finest
friends I have had through life have been my missionary companions.

   When I was a boy, all the outdoor signs in Utah seemed to be made by the same company. The name of the company was simply the name of two men.  I discovered that they had been in business for many years, and while on my mission, I made the added discovery that approximately 40 years before these two men had been missionary companions.  They had returned home, organized a business, and had become highly successful and well-to-do in this great companionship.  When I met them, they were old men, but still pals associates, and missionary companions in every sense of the word.

   I read a story the other day that told about the close companionship of the Wright brothers. At the time they were trying to develop the airplane, so were many other men, particularly in Europe.  A man named Octave Chanaute believed that it could be done, but he couldn’t do it himself.  A French glider expert named Ferber came very close, but not close enough.  Another Frenchman by the name of Bleriot tried and failed. Another man named Goupil also tried and failed.  They had frustrations, discouragements, breakdowns, and smashes, and eventually each of them lost his enthusiasm or his life.  But the Wright brothers succeeded at making a functioning airplane, and it has been said that the reason they succeeded was because there were TWO of them working together.   

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