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SACRAMENTS OF DAILY LIVING —  by Helen Lowrie Marshall

Each day, upon my daily round,
.   I find myself on holy ground —
The morning-glories on my fence
 Inspire quiet reverence.
Just one small, tender seedling grew,
 And now, this miracle in blue.
A robin in the apple tree
 Sings out his glad doxology.
I hear the pure, unsullied joy
 Of laughter from a little boy;
I bow before the firm belief
 And faith of one who lives with grief;
I watch a jet plane skim the skies
 And marvel at men’s enterprise;
I look upon a field of wheat
 And thank God for the bread we eat;
I watch the benedictive rain
 On low-bowed heads of flowers and grain.
A friend drops in, a neighbor calls,
 The lamps are lit, night gently falls;
Contentment settles with the sun
 In labors of the day well done.
So many little altars there,
.   So many simple calls to prayer,
So many reasons for thanksgiving —
 The sacraments of daily living.

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