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justfunsermons (Talks ** )

Talks and sermons, given by myself or those I know

  • Accountability:  being accountable in our missionary service, given by Elder Michael Taylor at the Taranaki Zone Meeting, November 5, 2015
  • Baptism: a baptismal talk delivered by Sister Laie Mihaere at the baptism of Holly Stone, in Hawera, New Zealand
  • Called of God:  Sacrament meeting talk delivered by Sister Susan Taylor in July of 2014 in the Stratford Group, Stratford, New Zealand
  • Enduring to the end:  missionary training center talk about the joy of enduring
  • Hasten the work:  the momentum of God’s kingdom on earth is increasing, and we should be part of this effort
  • Learning and knowledge:  how God teaches us and how we should learn
  • Widow of Nain:  one of the most compassionate and moving of Christ’s miracles

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