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The Sacramental Prayers — personal thoughts

Sacrament prayers, thoughts

In October 2014, Elder Hamula, our Area President, gave a district conference talk dealing with the sacrament prayers.  It caused me further reflection on the wonderful prayers. In the prayer on the bread, we express that we are “willing” to take upon us Christ’s name, to always remember him, and to keep his commandments.  It is a blessing that He does not require strict compliance with those three things in order to partake, but simply a continual “willingness”. However, in the prayer on the bread, it says that we witness that we “do” always remember Christ.  That denotes compliance, a state of actually obeying that command. It is sobering to think about the difference between being willing, and actually doing what we covenant to do. I also thought about the fact that the bread represents His body (the pain, the anguish, the physical torture) and the water represents his blood (the spilling of which caused His death).  Physical pain is intimately demonstrated in the prayer on the bread, and perhaps His actual death and ultimate sacrifice are intimately implied in the prayer with the water. Willingness is associated with the prayer that speaks of His body, and actual doing is associated with the prayer in which He makes the ultimate sacrifice. Also, “greater love hath no man than this, than that he would lay down his life for his friend.”  His dying was the ultimate act of love. Our actual doing and always remembering Him is our ultimate expression of love to Him.

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