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justfunpp (priesthood poem ** )

Priesthood Poem

A hurricane gains impact, comes on with mighty force,
  Wreaking mass destruction, along its chosen course.
The waters of a mighty flood will make men run in fear,
  As does a vile tornado, when its funneled wrath appears.

Earthquakes cause much damage, arising from their berth,
  And man claims nuclear weapons can eradicate the earth.
But of all the mighty powers, there’s one that stands alone,
  For its power stems from righteousness and claims a mighty throne.

The priesthood of God long missing, from churches of our time
  Is now restored and shall prevail, in every tongue and clime.
The priesthood sets our church apart from every other church
  And through its restoration, has ended many a search.

All the keys to God’s kingdom, through the priesthood now restored
  And it is through this priesthood power, men work and serve the Lord.
The priesthood is a privilege, not just a right of men
  Which must be earned and then upheld, through covenants entered in.

It’s through the laying-on-of-hands that the priesthood is conferred
  By those who have authority, to preach and teach His word.
Not by man, but through God it came, and Peter, James and John,
  Returned to earth, to confer the keys, so Christ’s gospel might roll on.

Mighty or simple the miracles, the priesthood power brings,
  It can raise the dead or bless a child; still they’re both inspiring,
And both bring the powers of heaven, down on the heads of men,
  As it baptizes, administers, holy ordinances enters in.

But because men hold the priesthood, are women inferior beings?
  Subject to every wish of man, as though he were her king?
No, the role of woman is different; she’s co-creator with God,
  Bears a child then nurtures, teaches children the path to trod.

Author unknown

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