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Joseph Fielding Smith – a quote and a story

1/ A quote from President Smith (this quote resembles a quote by George Albert Smith):

  • The publishing of Fawn Brodie’s book, ‘No Man Knows My History’, created much stir throughout the church and in the media.  Not long thereafter, President Joseph Fielding Smith made this statement at the conclusion of one of his General Conference talks:  “There are those who seek to defile and vilify the Prophet Joseph Smith. They will all soon be forgotten, and the odor of their infamy will accompany them to their graves, while the glory and greatness of the Prophet Joseph will echo throughout eternity.”

2/ A story regarding Joseph Fielding Smith:

  • At one time, Joseph Fielding Smith presided over a stake conference in Wyoming.  After meeting with the leaders and members of that stake, he stated in one of his talks that if the members of that stake did not repent, few of them would be saved.  His comment elicited some animosity, and church headquarters received many letters stating their discontent with the apostle’s stern rebuke. President Grant made the determination to send Apostle Smith back to the same stake two weeks later to make amends.  Elder Smith again met with the members and leaders of the stake and made this statement in his concluding talk: “I was here two weeks ago and stated that if the members of this stake did not repent, few of them would be saved. I need to amend my comments. I now state that NONE of the members of this stake will be saved!”  (This experience apparently is not in print, but Brother Truman Madsen has related the story several times.)

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