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Spiritual Goals, or points of emphasis for families and individuals

Some measurable goals that families and individuals can set for themselves that will contribute to spiritual progression and happiness.

    • Prewpare children, especially sons, for full-time missionary service.
    • Prepare adults (couples) for tull-time missionary service.
    • Annually friendship someone, inviting them to hear the gospel.
    • Give financial support to missionary work, including the general missionary fund.
    • Complete your four-generation records.
    • Write personal and family histories.
    • Perform a reasonable number of temple ordinances.
    • Participate in the extraction or indexing programs.
    • Have a specific plan for physical fitness and social and emotional health.
    • Prepare educationally and vocationally for financial stability.  A void unnecessary debt.
    • Have a one year’s supply of food, clothing, and fuel (where possible).
    • Be willing to sacrifice by giving time, talents, and means in behalf of the Church, community, and the needy.
    • Develop a close relationship with the Savior through prayer, scripture study, fasting, partaking of the sacrament, and obedience to the principles and ordinances of the gospel.
    • Give Christ-like service to family, Church, and community.
    • Magnify callings in the Church.
    • Participate in efforts to reactive members of the Church..

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