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justfunenema (Chinese misprint ** )

Eat an enema?

A Chinese-American magazine, written by Chinese speakers, contained this advice to prevent rectal cancer:

“We should accept proctoscopy at least once every 5 years from 50.  And it should be done first at 21 if your certain relative is suffering from it.  Then the internal time for next should be shortened.  There are 2 kinds of examinations like S-shaped colonoscopy and proctoscopy.  1 or 2 Days before a proctoscopy, you should eat more liquid food and drink water for cleansing rectal.  If for S-shaped colonoscopy, it will be good to eat 2 enemas that day.  Once there is polyp found in proctoscopy, the doctor will collect a biopsy sample at once and then take into laboratory room to see whether there is cancer.  If there is some unusual got in S-shaped colonoscopy, you should do a further proctoscopy.”  — China Life, Leleman Lake, March 2008, page 77

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