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Corona virus or COVID-19 humor

The corona virus pandemic of 2020 was serious and devastating.  Gratefully, some creative souls were able to find a little bit of humor in this tragedy:

  • You have to love Texans.  They are freaking out about the spread of COVID-19 but they have never hesitated to buy home-made tamales out of the back of a stranger’s car.
  • The COVID virus must be devastating India.  For three days now I haven’t received even one call about my extended car warranty.
  • Our cleaning woman just called and told us that she will be working from home during the pandemic.  She will send us an email with instructions on how to proceed without her.
  • Alert — 8 pm is now the official time to remove your ‘day pajamas’ and to put on your ‘night pajamas’.
  • We thought we would have flying cars by 2020, but NO!  Here we are in 2020 teaching people how and when to wash their hands!
  • I will either be coming out of this COVID pandemic 20 pounds lighter with a houseful of completed tasks and projects, or 20 pounds heavier with a drinking problem.
  • This is the day your dogs have been waiting for.  They now realize that their owners can’t leave the house and they will have them around the house 24/7.  Dogs everywhere are celebrating and rejoicing.  Cats everywhere are contemplating suicide.
  • Day #2 without live TV sports — I discovered a lady sitting on my couch.  She says she is my wife.  She seems nice enough.
  • Why don’t all liquor stores have empty shelves?  Do men not realize that they will be quarantined with their wives and children?
  • The only good thing about the COVID epidemic is that people will now realize that we can get along just fine without Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes.
  • Twenty years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, and Steve Jobs.  No we have no cash, no hope, and no jobs.  Please, do NOT let Kevin Bacon die!
  • Usually in March we are filling out our March Madness charts, picking which teams we hope will win.  This March we are filling out our March Sadness charts, picking between watching TV or yard work, vacuuming or dusting, interacting with family or working on tax forms, getting to know the wife or BBQing.

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