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A chilling prediction

— An opinion from a retired judge —

I am a retired judge and lifelong student of the law.  I started my university training 68 years ago.  One of my first classes was a political science class.  In our political science textbook, there was a succinct half-page article that listed the steps that would lead to the overturning of a democracy.  Here they are:

  • Divide the nation philosophically.
  • Foment racial strife.
  • Cause distrust of police authority.
  • Swarm the nation’s borders indiscriminately and unconstitutionally.
  • Engender the military strength to weaken it.
  • Overburden citizens with unfair taxation.
  • Encourage civil rioting and discourage accountability for all crime.
  • Control all balloting.
  • Control all media.

What was printed in 1954 as a diabolical nightmare has become an emerging reality in today’s American society.  I hope that Americans can unite well enough to pen a fitting epitaph.   Keith M. Alber, California.

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