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justfun9 (Mormon alphabet ** )

Mormon Alphabet

            Mormon Alphabet Soup:

My youngest son is a CTR, and I go to PEC,

My husband works for the CES,  and studies at length the TG.

I also read the B of M, I probe the D and C,

I often search the KJV, and ponder the JST.

Just today in BYC,  we planned for EFY,

After I met with the bishop, and had my PPI.

The YM and the YW are putting on a play,

It’s one that I remember, from back in MIA.

Just before our eldest son went to the MTC,

He gladly helped the BSA complete their SME.

Soon our oldest daughter is heading for the Y,

And soon our oldest clothing is heading for DI.

If you can plainly understand this alphabetic mess,

I think it’s very likely, yes, that you are LDS!

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