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justfun85 (humorous story about “perfection” ** )

Humorous anecdote about “perfection”adapted from a talk by Elder Wm. Grant Bangerter

    On a certain Sabbath morning, a minister was delivering a fiery sermon entitled ‘Achieving perfection’. In an effort to make the point that all men fall short
of perfection, he said to his congregation, “If there is anyone here who is perfect, will he or she please stand.”
    In the rear of the chapel, a man slowly rose to his feet. The minister, somewhat taken aback, directed his attention to this man. “In all my years of service in the ministry, I have never before met a person who considered himself perfect. Do you, sir, truly believe that you are perfect?”
    The man responded, “Oh, no. I am not standing for myself. I am standing as proxy for my wife’s first husband!”

— Adapted from Elder William Grant Bangerter,
“Ensign”, May 1987, page 11

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