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justfun78 (The Call of Duty, by Elder Hugh B. Brown ** )

The Call of Duty, by Elder Hugh B. Brown

Elder Hugh B. Brown recounted the following parable many times during his lifetime. The principle taught is still so very timely:

“The story is told of the final test to which the Arabians put their colts when selecting young stallions with which to perpetuate and improve that splendid breed of horses. The best physical specimens were trained, while still at their mother’s side, to run to the tent of their master whenever they heard a certain bell. When these colts were two years old they were confined in a corral for three days without food or water. On the evening of the third day, hay and grain and water were placed outside the gate of the corral; the bell was sounded, the gate was opened and the young thoroughbreds allowed to choose between appetite and duty. Those which stopped for food or water were rejected as unfit. Those chosen as worthy sires of future generations were the ones which were not deterred by the pull of appetite when the bell of duty sounded.”

Hugh B. Brown, His Life & Thought, by Eugene Campbell and Richard Poll, p. 146

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