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justfun5things (5 Things to Remember, President Uchtdorf ** )

Five Things to Remember — wise counsel from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

On page 25 of the March 2019 issue of ‘The Ensign’, President Uchtdorf asks us to remember 5 things:

  1. First, know that God’s answers to your most profound questions may take a little time and may come in ways you don’t expect.  His answers are worth waiting for.
  2. Second, have a little faith.  Incline your hearts to God.  Believe that you are important to God, and trust that He will make more of you that you can possibly make of yourself.  Learn of Him. Love Him, Believe Him.
  3. Third, walk as best as you can on the path of discipleship.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Just do the small things as perfectly as you can.
  4. Fourth, don’t let discouraging voices dissuade you from your journey of taith.  Remember, you don’t answer to your critics.  You answer to your Father in Heaven.  His values count.
  5. Fifth, make the best decisions you can by following the promptings that come to your heart and mind.  Give your best efforts to follow through.  Have faith, and God will consecrate your honest efforts to your eternal good.

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