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justfun42 (Cuz’ I Gotta Go to School ** )

Cuz‘ I Gotta Go to School!

My Grandfather Taylor’s favorite poem:

I’d like to hunt wild animals that roam the boundless plain,
I’d like to be a pirate brave that plows the ragin‘ main,
And captures some big island, with lordly pomp to rule,  
But I just can’t do nothincuz‘ I gotta go to school!

I’d like to be regarded as the terror of the plains,  
I’d like to hear my victims shriek and clank their prison chains,
I’d like to face the enemy with a gaze serene and cool,  
And wipe ‘em off the earth, but shucks, I gotta go to school!

I’d like to be a cowboy and rope the Texas steer,  
I’d like to be a sleuth hound or a bloody buccaneer,
And leave my foes to perish where their blood has left a pool,  
But how can I get famous when I gotta go to school?

I don’t know why my parents always make the same mistake,  
Of keeping down a boy like me who’s got a name to make,
It ain’t no wonder boys is bad and stubborn as a mule,  
Life, it ain’t worth livin‘ when ya gotta go to school!

What good is ‘rithmetic and such exceptin‘ just for girls,  
And maybe them there fauntleroys that wear their hair in curls,
So if my name is never seen in history books, while you’ll,  
Remember that it’s all because I gotta go to school!  

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