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justfun40 (Index for uplifting, faith-building stories and vignettes ** )

Index for uplifting, faith-building stories and vignettes

I have categorized the following stories into “RELIGIOUS” and “SECULAR”.  The listing of the religious stories is first, followed by the secular listing.  If you have some uplifting stories and would like to have them included on this page, please send me them to me.  I will be delighted to add them to the listings, giving credit to you by name. You can email me at [email protected].  Also, there is a wonderful website hosted by Harold Rust that contains many great stories from the scriptures, from General Conference talks, and other sources.  It can be found at   You can email Harold at [email protected] also.

** RELIGIOUS stories or experiences **

** SECULAR and POLITICAL stories, articles, or experiences **

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