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justfun251 (A Prophet’s Wife ** )

A Prophet’s Wife, by Gerry Avant

Gerry Avant, a Church News senior contributing editor, has shared the timeless story of Sister Camilla Eyring Kimball clarifying what it meant to be married to a prophet.  Sister Avant tells of being on a trip to Tennessee with the Kimballs in 1975.  She says:

“One moment during the trip stands out in my mind.  We were in a backstage area of [university] arena…  Sister Kimball was sitting on a sofa, next to two teenagers.  One of the young women, referring to Sister Kimball, said to her friend, ‘She must be a special person to be the prophet’s wife.’  Sister Kimball leaned forward, turned and looked at the young women.  Then she said, ‘You know, I didn’t marry a prophet.  I married a man who was an honorable bearer of the priesthood.  It was many years before he became a prophet.’

That quote, which teaches a simple yet very meaningful principle, has been used in many church publications since that day in 1975.

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