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Remember and Give Thanks


Here is a wonderful poem with an uplifting message, written by Jace Southwick ([email protected]).  This poem is used with Jace’s permission.


He stood atop the lofty roof with a hammer in his hand;
One mighty blow onto the nail – it sunk as though in sand.
A repaired roof was all he’d need to keep rain and snow out
But in his haste the roof replaced one more shiny placed about

The shingles from before just now did not quite do the trick,
But sleeker slide of sheet metal so that no snow would stick.
When in the end he finished not a nail left in sight
He took one final glance around because it was quite bright.

With just one step a tad too quick his worn out shoe gave way,
The fall seemed slow but picked up speed – his joy began to stray.
Without thought of what to do, why did this happen now?
Prior shingles would have stopped him but metal roofs send down.

And then he thought in one quick move – “Lord wilt thou make me stop
And in return I’ll choose the right – just please don’t let me drop.”
The righteous Lord who knew the drop which would have been his end,
Placed a new nail along his path and saved him like a friend.

And with a tug it hooked his coat, he sighed a sigh relief
“No need Lord, I have saved myself”   to joy he turned from grief.
“Here’s a nail I forgot about, it must have slipped my gaze;
But lucky me it’s stopped my fall, I’ll live a few more days.”

But the poor young man knew nothing right, the Lord had placed that nail;
The miracle of prayer was lost for some mistaken tale.
How oft we pray for things of want and when we have received,
Forget to thank the Lord above, the one who we’ve believed.

So if in a minute’s haste you find a bit of grace
Give thanks to the holy one above who helped you in your case.

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